In today’s competitive, hi-tech world, it is a challenge to maintain good health. Even though advancements in medical technology offer medicines to various diseases, most of these medicines have a range of side effects. This is a universal truth.

Serrapeptase Dosage and Side Effects | A Series of Serrapeptase

Fortunately we have medication for many major illnesses that have minimum or no side effects. Serapeptase is one such medication. Also known as serratoipeptidase, this systemic enzyme is a boon to the modern world.

What is serrapeptase? It is a protein destroying enzyme that is produced by bacteria in the digestive system of silkworms. This enzyme is responsible for dissolving silkworms’ cocoons. Serrapeptase benefits are numerous. It is used in many parts of the world to treat conditions like atherosclerosis, chronic inflammation, IBD, ear infection, arthritis, traumatic injuries, chronic pain, nose infection, edema, swelling, chronic redness, cystic breast disease, throat infection, carpel tunnel syndrome, nerve damage, lesions, multiple sclerosis, swollen glands, hay fever, lung congestion, rhinitis, laryngitis, back pain, neck pain, ulcer, diabetes, prostate problems, osteoporosis, post operative scars, varicose veins, angina, arterial diseases and blood clots. It dissolves dead and swollen tissue effectively.

Standard serrapeptase dosage is 10 to 60 mg. It should be taken on an empty stomach, half an hour before a meal or two hours after a meal. It is advisable to take serrapeptase three times a day. 10 mg of this wonderful enzyme is equal to approximately 20,000 enzymatic units.

According to Naturally Healthy News, “Serrapeptase works best when taken in large amounts, in a delayed capsule on an empty stomach.  Administered at a high dose, Serrapeptase takes on the non-living tissue burdening your body and releases anti-inflammatory mediators to calm the pain response.  Redness, swelling and pain subside so that true healing can begin – where your body needs it most, from the inside out…

A small amount of Serrapeptase may not provide all of these anti-inflammatory and pain-management benefits. Taking the maximum dose of Serrapeptase is safe and can give relief in the shortest amount of time.”

Serra Enzyme delivers the world’s strongest serrapeptase with 250,000 IU’s per cap.

Serrapeptase dangers are nil. Most of the users of this miracle enzyme have reported that they did not experience any side effects. There were two claims by two doctors in Japan that this enzyme had caused a lung infection, many experts are of the opinion that they were mistaken.

One can conclude that serratiopeptidase uses are many and side effects are nil or minimal. Both adults and children can use this.

Many people all over the world have reported positive results from serapeptase. One arthritis patient says, “…having a hip defect, I suffer from arthritis and have been in a great deal of pain for the past few years. I tried Serrapeptase after reading a newspaper article, and was amazed at the results. After just a couple of days, the inflammation in my joints had reduced, and I am now pain-free. I have been able to reduce my prescription drugs from 18 a day to 2, and I can walk normally for the first time in years, which I am really grateful for as I’m still only 34! My friends cannot believe the difference, and some have been trying Serrapeptase for themselves-all with successful results.”

Another woman says, “I first started ordering Serrapeptase for my neighbor that has cancer. I am her Naturopathic Counselor. She had a cough that wouldn’t go away and one of the groups I am in recommended Serrapeptase. After taking 2 tablets 3x a day of the 40,000 IU, for about six weeks, her shortness of breath had lessened, her voice was back to normal, and her cough had subsided to just a little.”

If you have heard about serapeptase, and are wondering whether to use it or not, please go ahead and use it. Buy serrapeptase today. It will have a huge positive impact on your health.

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