Frequently asked Questions

(Note this list is currently being updated and more results will be posted soon)

Can serrapeptase remove inflammation?

Yes! Serrapeptase has shown to be very effective in removing inflammation, and, unlike most medications, it does so without the side effects. Once the inflammation has gone, the body’s own recovery systems will start to rebuild.

Can serrapeptase dissolve internal scar tissue?

Yes! Serrapeptase is safe and effective in removing internal scar tissue. It can take about 3 weeks to get over the discomfort and and additional 6-9 weeks to be clear.  It is best to use the maximum dose, 3 capsules, 3 times/day, to remove scar tissue.  Then the does can be lowered, until the minimum does, 1/day is needed.

Does serrapeptase work on old scar tissue?

Yes!  The scar can be old scar tissue or new as the result of recent injury or surgery.

Can I take Serrapeptase if I am pregnant?

Yes you can take it pre and post-natal.  However, please consult with your doctor before using serrapeptase if you are pregnant.

Why doesn’t my doctor prescribe serrapeptase as I understand, it is good for various conditions usually treated with medications.

Doctors have been using serrapeptase in the treatment of diseases for over 30 years.  However, these are doctors in Germany and Asia.  You cannot patent natural formulas, therefore, no pharmaceutical company can profit from serrapeptase.  US Doctors must follow protocol or they can lose their license.  Protocol is pharmaceutical drugs.

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